An Analytical Research and Design Company


Disability Researchers is part of Cogentica, a service disabled veteran owned business established in March 2015. We are dedicated to providing exemplary research and statistical support either as a prime contractor or subcontractor.


Our analysts have either Ph.D. or Masters degrees with a combination of old school and new school analytical experience. We can perform secure analytical work from our homes or office and we tailor our work to your needs, adjusting procedures as requested or needed during the work cycle.

We are also a disability advocate and we conduct national and regional surveys to stay atune of the latest public perceptions of individuals with disabilities and barriers they  face as they contribute to the vitality of our social fabric. We also have a disability blog to directly communicate with our disabled members.


Our vision is quite simple, we want to provide research that will enhance the lives of disabled people and do it in the most cost effective manner possible. We want to eliminate the stereotypes that have plagued the social acceptance and social integration of the disabled into our country's social fabric. Since we are an altruistic organization, our goal is to return more to the disabled people we serve than to ourselves. We invite individuals with disabilities to join our mailing list and to participate in our surveys and blog.