We need information from both the disabled and non-disabled visitors to our site to help us improve our services to the disabled in our role as a disability advocate. All information collected by this disability survey is completely confidential and will only be released as group data to protect your individual responses. Survey results are released on site for informational purposes to our readers once thirty or more responses are received. Email subscribers will receive these results as well as future survey results. Let your voice be heard!


One of the primary tasks of Disability Researchers is survey research, especially disability survey research. We are constantly conducting national surveys regarding attitudes toward disabled people and we rely on survey research to provide us with the best items to include in our surveys. One way to provide us with your input is to register on site or to take one of our surveys and register at completion. By doing so, we will keep you informed of the latest survey results and also any disability news. As our site evolves, we will be providing more and more useful information to the disability community.