Life Expectancy in the United States has dropped for three of the last four years and we are only beginning to understand the reasons!

What are some of the reasons for these drops and how might we control them?

Well, obesity is on the rise and that leads to medical problems and opiate abuse and suicide are at all time highs.

In our complex society, it appears stress is a major problem leading to mental problems such as anxiety and depression and medical conditions such as high blood pressure.


In fact, Dhruv Khullar highlights in his New York Times' article "How Social Isolation Is Killing Us" that the stress associated with loneliness contributes to illness and early death and that the phenomenom is becoming an epidemic in our country. 


My name is Robin Akins and I am a Quantitative Psychologist with over 40 years of research experience. This information is troubling and I have taken my own course of action based on all the research I have read.


The two main supplements that I take are based on established research and my own personal experience.  The first supplement I am taking is called nicotinamide riboside, which research is showing as a potential life extender. As one ages, this chemical decreases in the body and the supplement can raise the levels back to youthful levels.  It is also critical for DNA repair. Since it is a fact that disabled people as a whole have shorter life expectancies than the able-bodied, I decided the research supported my taking it for enhanced life expectancy. If it adds a month or two or even a year or two it is worth the small cost. It is also involved in some serious clinical studies at universities and the side effects and safety appear to be better than most supplements available for sale. As of today, I personally feel more energized than I have in the last five years. 


The second supplement I have been taking for many years. It is derived from the spice tumeric.  Curcumin is the derived form and is used to help combat inflammation and pain, both of which I experience from my arthritis and neuropathy. Since I have kidney disease, I need a pain substitute since I can no longer take traditional pain medications. Curcumin with bioperine (helps absorption into bloodstream) is a life saver and has been amazing in relieving the pain and inflammation of arthritis which I seem to have in every joint in my body.

Curcumin is the one supplement where the research supports the hype. One need only to go to WebMD or dozens of other credible sites to find additional supporting information and studies supporting its claims. On a recent nationwide survey I conducted on pain (see major conclusions in section survey results on this site), the majority of respondents found their pain relief methods to be only somewhat effective. Less than five percent of those respondents used curcumin so the verdict is out as to whether it may be helpful to others experiencing chronic pain. However, the anecdotal evidence among users clearly supports its use for both pain and inflammation.

What is interesting from the pain survey is that a large percentage of disabled people experience high levels of chronic pain without satisfactory relief. This type of pain frequently has an inflammatory component so a product such as curcumin may be a supplement a disabled person would want to consider. I would suggest that any disabled person who experiences pain along with inflammation should read the literature on curcumin and discuss it with their primary physician. Considering its lack of use by the disabled (survey results), many may not be aware that it may be useful in their pain management.

I believe both of the supplements shown in the links below, which I take everyday,  can enhance one's quality of life significantly. They are well worth the cost, which is another consideration in my decision to use them. Of course, it is always important to discuss the use of supplements with your primary physician before using. I know curcumin can slightly thin the blood so that is an area to discuss with your doctor. However, you may want to take some of the recent research studies with you because in this day of information overload, many doctors are not up-to-date on the value of supplements. Good luck with your aging process!