Life Expectancy in the United States has dropped for three of the last four years and we are only beginning to understand the reasons!

What are some of the reasons for these drops and how might we control them?

Well, obesity is on the rise and that leads to medical problems and opiate abuse and suicide are at all time highs.

In our complex society, it appears stress is a major problem leading to mental problems and high blood pressure.


My name is Dr. Robin Akins and I am a Quantitative Psychologist with over 40 years of research experience. This information is troubling and I have taken my own course of action based on all the research I have read.


The two main supplements that I am taking are based on established research and my own personal experience. For many years I have been taking curcumin to help combat inflammation and pain from my arthritis and neuropathy. Since I have kidney disease, I need a pain killer substitute since I can no longer take traditional pain killers. Curcumin with bioperine (helps absorption) is a life saver.

Curcumin is the one supplement where the research supports the hype. One need only to go to WebMD or dozens of other credible sites to find additional supporting information and studies supporting its claims. On a recent nationwide survey I conducted on pain (see major conclusions in section survey results on this site), the majority of respondents found their pain relief methods to be only somewhat effective. Less than five percent of those respondents used curcumin so the verdict is out as to whether it may be helpful to others experiencing chronic pain.

I also am taking a supplement called nicotinamide riboside, which research is showing as a potential life extender. As one ages, this chemical decreases in the body and the supplement below can raise the levels significantly. 

I believe both of the supplements shown in the links below, which I take everyday,  can enhance one's quality of life significantly. They are well worth the cost, which is another consideration in my decision to use them.